Thursday, February 5, 2015

Whatsapp Tips - Block WhatsApp photos from appearing in photoroll/ gallery

Now a days , every smart phone user by default uses a whatsapp application on their devices. The Figure s almost 700 million people are active on whatsapp. We know if we have automatic download option is checked in whatsapp, then photos and videos downloaded automatically. And those are displayed on the gallery of the phone. Anyway we can prevent it to appear whatsapp pics and videos in gallery. Follow the next steps for iphone as well as android.

Block WhatsApp photos from appearing in photoroll/ gallery
  • The photos and videos downloaded from whatsapp automatically displayed in gallery which most of us don't like.
  • To restrict it in iphone you can go into the phone’s Settings menu, then tap ‘Privacy’, ‘Photos’, and deselect WhatsApp. For Android users it’s a little bit complicated. 
  • To restrict t in Android , Using a file explorer app such as ES File Explorer, you can find WhatsApp’s ‘Images’ and ‘Videos’ folders and create a file within each called ‘.nomedia’. This will stop Android Gallery app from scanning the folder.


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