Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to download your facebook data ?

If you plan to sit on your system for hours to find that one status or message, wait right there. Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg and his team won't like you to waste so much time doing that, which is why there is an option for downloading all your Facebook data. Sometimes you want to download your facebook data . You may wonder how to do it . Sometimes  it is helpful to find old status , old messages ,photographs etc

All you need to do is Follow these steps :
> Login to your facebook account
>Go to setting (find it near "Home" tag , just above the "logout" )
> You can see blue link at down  "Download a copy of my Facebook data". click on it.
> Click on "Start Archive" button

The Facebook Data Includes
  • Posts, photos and videos you've shared
  • Your messages and chat conversations
  • Info from the About section of your profile.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive

The most commom virus menace for Windows users is the shortcut virus changing all your files and folders in pendrive to shortcuts. It's a familiar problem among most college students. We have all tried to use the ineffective shortcut virus remover, a third party software, to solve the problem. But it is very simple to deal with.

  1. Delete all the shortcuts from the pendrive. They can be identified by the arrow symbol in icons and having a size of less than 4kB usually.
  2. Now open command prompt.
  3. Go to the pendrive by typing <alphabet assigned to drive>:
  4. Now enter the magic line attrib -s -h /S /D
  5. Wait for some time... It's done! All your files and folders are back.

The secret behind this:
The virus only changes the folders' system attributes, makes it hidden and creates shortcuts. So by removing the shortcuts, and removing the hidden and system attributes from all files and folders, you have terminated the virus without trace!